Source Tree :- fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: <!DO

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Nowadays we all prefer using the famous Atlassian Version Control Product: Source tree. It helps us manage all our repositories(hosted or local) through Source Tree’s simple interface.
Lately, I was experiencing an issue: “fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: <!DO“.

After some research, I was able to fix it and would like to share its solution with all of you.

This issue was occurring due to the difference between git version support and source tree, as by default, Source tree uses system’s git to Push, Pull, Clone and other similar git operations.
To resolve this issue, let source tree use its own version of git for all these tasks. For that we need to unable “Use Embedded Git” into source tree.

To do so follow this: Tools -> Options -> Git -> Use Embedded git (at the bottom of the wizard).


By doing so, source tree will download its required git and will use this for all tasks which in turn will resolve our issue.

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